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" Elena. You’re Okay. "

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She’s perfect!


She’s perfect!

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Damon, come on. Tell me. What else have I missed?

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what is up w/ u david

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privileged kids go to counseling, poor kids go to jail.

judge mathis, speaking the truth (via evilparadise)

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Anonymous sent: how can you say dany isn't a white saviour? did you not watch the mhysa scene? "Slaves in Essos are of all races" which is true but isn't it odd that there were no white slaves lifting her up in the air?


i could condescendingly ask the same of you and the books. slaves in essos ARE of all races. dany isn’t responsible for how hbo casts its actors. and yeah, that lifting scene was extremely cringeworthy, but again, that didn’t happen in the books. dany doesn’t look at these slaves and think “oh look at those poor brown people, i must use my white privilege to save them!” no, she thinks, “i have been sold and treated like a slave against my own will. i know what it’s like to suffer at the hands of cruel masters. i do not want anyone else to have to go through this, so i’m going to stop it.” dany genuinely believes that’s what kings and queens are for, protecting those who cannot protect themselves. she has a savior complex, most definitely, but WHITE savior? i don’t think so. does she go about it the correct way? well, no. but that is a whole other thing for another day.


Red Coral. Coastal Art. Beach Art Print. by SnoogsAndWilde (34.00 USD)


Red Coral. Coastal Art. Beach Art Print. by SnoogsAndWilde (34.00 USD)


what the fuck is wrong with this movie

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Lost re-watch | 4x5 | The Constant